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Microsoft points can be acquired in any number of ways, but the most entertaining way to get them is by simply playing and gaining "achievements" through Xbox Live. Yes, gaming has evolved to the point where playing has become the means and the end. More to the point, the logic of acquiring Microsoft Point Gratuit goes like this. You play the game, unlock achievements, increase your kill count, and so forth in order to get MPs you could use to make your character stronger or fight more powerful foes (it depends on what kind of multiplayer game you're playing on Xbox Live). This will then lead you to win more and gather more MPs to improve yourself. Thus the cycle of gaming addiction is born.


You Can Also Purchase MPs If You Want


·         MPs are a valuable resource; they're so valuable that you can even purchase them with your credit card in case you're having a tough time gathering them in game or you want to buy a particularly expensive online or deliverable item that will take you forever to save up for when it comes to gathering MPs by playing Xbox Live. On the flipside, it's quite possible to make money from all the MPs you've gathered instead of spending it on online stuff.


·         The exchange rate for MP to dollar is fair enough; just take note that it's not as "equal" as the exchange rate between dollar to MP via credit card (since you've gathered those MPs for free and they're essentially incentives and coupons anyway). Since MPs aren't limited to the Xbox Marketplace, you can also gather them the old-fashioned way; through online shopping and frequent "shopper" miles, so to speak.


·         MPs are also available for the sake of purchasing MP3 songs a la what's going on with iTunes and whatnot. Zune is also a viable medium for gathering and spending MPs. If you're still having trouble getting the MPs you want, then take a look at the Microsoft newsletter. There's sure to be promos and contests out there that will maximize your MP count.


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