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Originally released as Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Season tackles the various holidays or events based on reality added with a twist of virtual reality. Each year, different seasons are made in packages. This way the Angry Bird Games for PC ensure newbie and old timers they won’t get bored with the game  by offering something new each year.

The 2011 Seasons offerings are as follow:

- Moon Festival is the first holiday theme happening in another country. The characters have found themselves in China.  

- Hogs and Kisses is the Valentine’s Day offering of the game which has 18 levels. The background has cherry blossom trees while hearts falls down from the sky.

- Season’s Greedings has 25 levels which unlocks per day following the advent calendar. A user can play any level in any order because of this design.

- Summer Pignic is located at a field during summer. It is played like Season’s Greedings in which new levels are unlocked everyday.

- Trick or Treat is formerly known as Angry Birds Halloween. This is the first release of holiday - themed Angry Birds.

-Go Green, Get Lucky has Gaelic concept in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Lastly, is the

-Easter Eggs, wherein its last levels can only be opened by following Angry Birds on Twitter. It is loosely based on Easter Day celebrations.

Meanwhile, the 2012 Seasons episodes are composed of: 

- Piglantis is the summer offering of the game. The characters and objects can now get into the water and float or swim.

- Cherry Blossom is the episode that takes the players in Japan to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival.

- Back to School is the final instalment of this year’s season. This marks the introduction of Bubbles and Stella in the flock.

-Ham’o’ween is the second Halloween theme of the series. It has a darker scheme compared to its predecessor.

-Year of the Dragon is the New Year episode of the game. Finally,

-Wreck the Halls is the second Christmas themed of the game and follows the same game design of its predecessor.