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 Games play an important role in the daily lives of people. They may seem childish or time consuming but they provide recreation as well as entertainment to those who want to break their routine for a few minutes. If played in moderation, games are beneficial to the work life balance of individuals. They are a great way to distress and relieve themselves from their job even for a short moment.


The hangman game is one of the earliest forms of games. However, it is beginning to gain popularity once again because of technological enhancements and improvements. What exactly does this game do? Basically, the main point of the game is to solve the puzzle before you get hanged. It is either you be the hangman and solve the problem or be the hanged and lose the game.

Rules of the Game

The game requires you to think analytically. You are given a set of blanks that you need to fill out. These blanks correspond to a particular letter. You goal is to guess the word before you run out of tries. You have to guess a letter. If your letter is included in the word, it is written on its corresponding position in the blanks. However, if your letter is incorrect, your opponent gets to draw a part of the hangman drawing. Each player takes turns until one of them loses.


The game will end if one of the players guesses the word or the hangman diagram is completed. The simplicity of the rules is one of the reasons why players love this game. It is a great way to entertain themselves without having to do so much. Players only need a pen and a paper in order to start the game. It is a great way to have a good time during short breaks.Click here to know more about this