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This unique game that is increasingly becoming well known among gamers, whether they are new to the gaming world or those people who had been playing different genres of games, is Minecraft. Imagine a Lego game that you have enjoyed when you were a little kid and were able to create numerous designs just by putting those small blocks together. One might compare Minecraft with that, just online.

This brilliant game was designed by Markus Persson and was later on released to the public in 2009. Since then, there had been 20,000 million copies sold in different platforms all over the world. For people who want to see the actual game without spending $25 just for the meantime, some people opt to answer the pay per surveys offers available online.

Minecraft’s Growth through the Years

Minecraft is a world class game with at least five recognitions since its release. And many people are still finding the attraction of the game. Once gamers start to download Minecraft, it opens a wide range of possibilities. When the game is opened, there really are no particular goals to accomplish which opens a lot of avenues for ways to play the game. It can be played solo or with friends, it can be offline or online. An optional achievement system somehow makes a pattern for those who want to go a certain path. But since there are no rules, but the imaginations, long time gamers love the change of phase from different genres.

For people who are wondering what this game actually is, there are available forums, videos and reviews that can be viewed online. There are articles about how to go through the game when you just started, and how to actually maximize your enjoyment in the game. Reiterating that there are no rules, these articles and videos are mere opinions of what you can possibly do in game. But the enjoyment depends on how far your imagination can get you.

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